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This gallery is entitled "Interesting Books I have known"

     This gallery includes free Clip Art of various genres:

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This gallery displays my interest and involvement with photography of couture fashion...   des collections haute couture...

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...Moda para la Mujer...

...vestir en forma Elegante y Favorecedora...
...vestidos que siguen la línea de la silueta elaborados...

...bordados, sedas degradadas...
...tacón de aguja...





I had the honour and the wonderful opportunity to photograph the Mission Celebration of Community 2003 with British Columbia's LG Iona Compagnolo.

The Illuminaria experience that commenced after dusk was a memorable experience for the child in all of us.


Our West Coast Express adventure to Vancouver, B C.

Food, Kitchen, Recipes:  Here you will find my favourite links to websites that are excellent resources for recipes to create delicious dishes made from whatever you find in your pantry.    Küchen Rezepte.

Professor Cosme Aranda Sepulveda, a personal friend of ours, has performed shiatsu and other lymph drainage treatments on us;  a wonderful experience!  Several years of study in Japan, combined with his natural healing abilities, make him an admirable and effective practioner of the healing arts.   His attention to care-giving  and restoration of the whole body to wellness is exceptional.

Masajes medecinales Japones y Aleman, drenaje linfatico.  Master en salud y educacion fisica.  Universidad de Tsukuba, Japon.

Cosme, as his friends call him, invites his clients to his office in Santiago, Chile, at Nva. Los Leones 0203 of. 12  (tel 231 2288).  A must for those traveling to the South Americas!

The Spa experience, an ever-growing phenomenon around the world, allows for pampering on many different levels.  The benefit to the physical body is self evident in the sensuous massages enjoyed when administered by human hands or even refreshing jets of water felt in a jacuzzy (hidromasaje), while the emotional body allows itself to be more harmonized, more relaxed, more set at ease.  The value to the spirit can be discovered on many levels, starting from the interaction with another human being who is sharing their love and attention with you.

Cosme Aranda and his partner Luciano Pezo have created a Spa experience called Luciano Spa, to be discovered in Santiago, de Chile.

Margaret von Wrangel (Tante Daisy) has passed away.  Our family is thankful to have visited her in her new surroundings, finding her very happy there.




Paululah signifies a collaborative work between Paul Wenger and Tallullah.               


This little clicker will lead you to a French fashion portal called "Sylvie's Fashion".



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